[[folder:The Movie]]
* Just when it looks like the Maitlands have failed to intervene before Lydia and Betelgeuse's wedding is completed, [[BigDamnHeroes Barbara rides in on a freakin]] ''[[BigDamnHeroes SANDWORM]]'' [[BigDamnHeroes to devour Betelgeuse]].
** Since Betelgeuse was already a ghost, being eaten by the sandworm should probably have sent him to the Room of Lost Souls, or a similar location. However, we last see him in the waiting room, which implies that the marriage actually was completed, and he came back to life very briefly - only to be killed again.
** Remember that going to Saturn is a YearOutsideHourInside, so it only took Babs a ''microsecond'' to tame the sandworm!
* Betelgeuse's grand appearance after the Maitlands dig his grave.

[[folder:The Animated Series]]
* In the episode "The Neitherworld's Least Wanted", the RoguesGallery trick Beetlejuice into falling apart (literally, that is). Lydia and BJ must recover his body parts before sunset or he will [[DeathsHourglass cease to exist]]. Finally, they get to where the final villain, Mr. Big (who's actually a [[IronicNickname midget]]), is holding his heart. Mr. Big gets Lydia in a trap and watches as Beetlejuice is turning into goo. At almost the last possible second, Lydia pulls a BigDamnHeroes moment and knocks the heart into the pool; Beetlejuice turns back to normal, proceeding go HeroicSecondWind on everyone's ass. And, as you might expect, it is '''awesome'''.
* In the WholeEpisodeFlashback in "Highs-Ghoul Confidential", after spending a good majority of the episode trying to find the right "buzz words" to really get his juice flowing, it all comes to a head when BJ is voted Prom King and subsequently humiliated in front of the entire class, which is just enough to push him over the edge. This leads him to say his {{Catchphrase}} for the first time in his entire afterlife, and basically go all Film/{{Carrie}} on the asses of the two bullies who humiliated him. And it. Is. ''GLORIOUS''.
-->'''Beetlejuice:''' ''(narrating to Lydia)'' There comes a time, Babes, when you do things you've never done. When you say things you've never said. And so, for the first time ever, I said those magic words.
-->'''Teen!Beetlejuice:''' [[{{Catchphrase}} Iiiiiit's...]] '''''[[{{Catchphrase}} SHOWTIME!]]'''''
-->''(cue the HumiliationConga)''
* In "In the Schticks," BJ and Lydia are both arrested and sentenced to centuries of labor. When BJ can't convince the judge to let Lydia go, he tries to convince her to go back to the Outerworld where she'll be safe. Since that also doesn't work, he then busts out of his own imprisonment and spends most of the episode fighting to save her from hers. The awesome factor comes in when the viewer understands that Lydia is trapped at the Resort of Last Resort, a place where Beetlejuice experienced some severe childhood trauma. He's absolutely terrified of the place, but he refuses to let that fear keep him away from her.
* Pretty much any instance of Beetlejuice overcoming his fear of sandworms in order to save someone else from one of them - baby Arlo in "Critter Sitters," his father in "Beetlejuice's Parents," Lydia in "Worm Welcome," and so forth. Nothing scares him more than those monstrosities, but give him enough incentive and he'll fight off that fear.
* Lydia gets a very subtle one, which is also a Funny Moment, in "Spitting Image." After listening to the two Beetlejuices bicker constantly over which of them is better and which one she likes more, she finally tells them despondently that "You can't go on like this, you guys! And frankly... neither can I." She sighs and walks away with her head lowered, leaving the Beetlejuices staring after her in concern. But as soon as she gets far enough away from them, her expression turns ''devious''. She knows ''exactly'' what she's doing; she's completely aware that Beetlejuice can't stand to see her upset and will do what needs to be done to make her feel better. It's particularly awesome because Beetlejuice - con man extraordinaire that he is - ''never'' realizes that he's being played.
* In RealLife, the cartoon won the daytime Emmy for Outstanding Animated Children's Program in 1990 (tied with ''WesternAnimation/TheNewAdventuresOfWinnieThePooh'').