Awesome / Beat the Clock

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    The Original Series (1950-61) 
  • July 24, 1954: The infamous "Toupees and Top Hat" Bonus Stunt is finally won for $3,200.
  • September 14, 1956: Gabriel T. Fontana wins the $64,000 Super Bonus Stunt. Notable as, due to being the last episode with the then-current sponsor, the money would've been donated to charity had the Super Bonus Stunt not been won that night.
  • September 1960: The daytime Bonus Stunt is finally won for $20,100.

    Syndicated (1969-74) 
  • In general, whenever the Money Board's one and only $200 card was picked.
  • In general, anyone who racks up a lot of bonus money after completing a stunt quickly.