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Awesome: Bayonetta 2
Given that this game is made by the same people who brought us the first Bayonetta, Vanquish and The Wonderful 101, a page for documenting Awesome Moments is practically a prerequisite.
  • The whole battle against Gomorrah.
  • The February 2014 trailer for the game shows off a battle between Bayonetta and a masked character identified as one of the last Lumen Sages in the world. Naturally, he and Bayonetta fight, and the trailer reveals that he's almost exactly the same as Bayonetta, in the sense that he has his own variants of Wicked Weaves and summoning. Yep, he can summon the Auditio you fought in the previous game. Oh dear. In response, Bayonetta summons her own monsters to fight back against the massive Auditio, with them fighting each other while the Sage and Bayonetta keep fighting in the foreground. In presumably another battle against him, they are both flying while fighting one another. The background... words can't really do it justice.
  • In one of the E3 2014 demos, Madama Butterfly defeats an angel whose head is on his sword by grabbing the sword, and repeatedly stabbing him with it.
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