Awesome: Bayonetta 2

And this is the first boss. From the prologue.

Given that this game is made by the same people who brought us the first Bayonetta, Vanquish and The Wonderful 101, a page for documenting Awesome Moments is practically a prerequisite.
  • The whole battle against Gomorrah, pictured to the right. For starters, you're battling as Gomorrah climbs up a skyscraper attempting to bite you and breathe fire at you, while you follow him up and knock the crap out of him, complete with Madama Butterfly giving him a giant headbutt. As you reach the top, the music swells as Gomorrah crawls around the top of the building, in a manner eerily reminiscent of King Kong (1933). Then the fight reaches the Climax, where Bayonetta summons a new Demon, Labolas, who bites into Gomorrah and puts him down by dragging him down the skyscraper he was just climbing. Oh, also, this is just the prologue. Things are only gonna escalate from here on out.
  • The February 2014 trailer for the game shows off a battle between Bayonetta and a masked character identified as one of the last Lumen Sages in the world. Naturally, he and Bayonetta fight, and the trailer reveals that he's almost exactly the same as Bayonetta, in the sense that he has his own variants of Wicked Weaves and summoning. Yep, he can summon the Auditio you fought in the previous game. Oh dear. In response, Bayonetta summons her own monsters to fight back against the massive Auditio, with them fighting each other while the Sage and Bayonetta keep fighting in the foreground. In presumably another battle against him, they are both flying while fighting one another. The background... words can't really do it justice.
  • Little boy: 1. Centaur angels: 0.
  • At the end of Chapter 1, Madama Butterfly defeats an angel whose head is on his sword (a Valiance) by grabbing the sword and repeatedly stabbing him with it.
  • Bayonetta versus the three Glamors at the Gates of Paradiso. The Glamors themselves are impressive, then you start fighting the first one. While riding a piece of building, on the side of a maelstrom. Then you punch the seraph inside the maelstrom with Madama Butterfly and keep fighting him until you emerge from the whirlpool ... and you're before the Gates of Paradiso. Cue two more Glamors joining and you pushing both back before going for the one who stole your little one. You beat it, the other two come back to the rescue, only for you to summon Diomedes, who proceeds to slice and dice the suckers. Awesome.
  • Before reaching Alraune deep in Inferno, Bayonetta is met with Rodin, and the two proceed to venture towards her palace whilst riding on an Insidious. The kicker? Rodin is perfectly capable of one-shotting every single demon on their path, something no other NPC in the game is capable of.
  • Just after defeating Alraune, Bayonetta sees The Masked Lumen trying to kill Loki. What does she do? Summon Diomedes and cross Inferno to his rescue while Friendship is playing.
    • An Anti-Villain example with the final battle against The Masked Lumen, aka. Balder, as he, for what it's worth, wins the fight. Running on pure anger at the loss of his wife, he forces Bayonetta to her knees with his sword of light. It's only Loki's timely intervention that saves her. He may have been in the wrong, but being able to defeat Bayonetta is an incredible feat in and of itself. And considering who the Masked Lumen is, this makes it TWICE he's managed to overcome her.
  • Rosa's entrance, which stuns Bayonetta in silent awe. Badassery is inherited.
  • The Witch Hunt chapters. You are tag-teaming with Rosa and tearing through entire platoons of angels of all sizes (who are, incidentally, the exact same ones you fought in the first game), even kicking the ass of the four Cardinal Virtues in short order. Then you get your hands on a set of Umbran Armor and proceed to down what amounts to an angel battleship! Anyone who played Asura's Wrath will see some familiarities. Also doubles as Heartwarming when you realize Bayonetta was teaming with her mother and enjoying it.
    • Chapter XV opens with a long fight against a horde of angels right outside a giant clock tower that is soon after blown to bits. This leads to a recreation of the first game's opening sequence, and it's just as glorious here. The game even throws in a boss fight against Loptr on top of that to drive the epicness home.
  • Balder's Shut Up, Hannibal! to the Big Bad:
    Balder: Humans need not be told what their will shall be! We can create our world with our own eyes! [...] We may not see our next step. We may stumble, we may fall off the path. But we always move forward. That is the power of man! Bayonetta? Shall we illustrate?
    Bayonetta: Let's rock!
  • Not as cool as punching Jubileus's soul into the sun but Bayo and Balder summoning a being that looks like Jubileus and Queen Sheba combined and dropkicking Loptr/Aesir was still very nice. And, instead of the sun, we have Jeanne summoning Gomorrah from atop her jet and Loptr/Aesir flailing helplessly as you steer him straight into the demon's mouth ... who proceeds to eat him. Devourer of the Divine indeed.