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Awesome: Battlestar Galactica (Classic)
  • From "Saga of a Star World", Adama and Tigh just before the Ambush at Cimtar begins: "We cannot launch, Colonel; it has been expressly forbidden...However, this might be an excellent time for 'battlestations drill'...Sound the alert, Colonel!"
    • Adama to the Quorum of the Twelve at Carrilon: "If you've come here to turn your backs on the principles of our fathers and of the Lords of Kobol from whom all colonies evolved, you do so with my utter CONTEMPT!"
    • How about Starbuck and Apollo pulling a Guile Hero by tricking the Cylons into thinking they've got six squadrons about to attack them?
  • This exchange:
    Cylon Leader: "All fighters destroyed? How? We took them by surprise!"
    Random Cylon: "Apparently not as much of a surprise as we thought."
    • So a random toaster guard spoke back and lived. And then the Leader was destroyed. Also pretty funny.
    • This line from the first episode, also counts as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
    Apollo: Everybody out!
    Council Member: Nobody move! I'm in charge here!
    (Cylons run in blasting away)
  • When Assualt 9 and the other prisoners stand up to the Enforcers in "The Long Patrol".
  • From "Gun on Ice Planet Zero", Thane (who up to this point was a selfish ass). Was rather impressive in his last act of defiance before he died. Managing to blow up several Cylon's while they tried to interigate him was pretty awesome.
  • The Legendary Commander Cain, he even has his own Awesome Music, which plays throughout the "Living Legend" two-parter.
    • The scene were the two Basestars engage Pegasus. The Pegasus launches all her missiles at the basestars at point blank range. The Basestars go up in a huge explosion, blinding the Starbuck and Apollo, awesome.
    • How about two vipers taking on "two" Cylon Basestar's so the Pegasus can get through them to Baltar's?
  • From "The Man With Nine Lives", despite the fact that they're pretty much evil, the Borellian Nomen where kinda awesome in their own way.
  • Apollo and Starbuck, standing up to and later taking on Count Iblis near the end of "War of the Gods". Even if they both technically lost to him.
  • The end of "Greetings From Earth", Starbuck and Apollo slideing off a roof to take out two Enforcers, while Michael jumps a third outside the house. They enter the house, freeing Sarah, and capturing Leiter.
    • Adama has a good one after the Quorum of Twelve vote to order Dr. Cottle to open the Terran cryotubes regardless of the risk to the Terrans. Cottle refuses and leaves. Adama says that he will remember this day that has "restored my faith that the human race is indeed worth saving."
    • Though the best part would have to be when they group heads home. Leiter is still totally full of himself, sure of the Eastern Alliance's superiority, until they come into visual contact with Galactica and he sees the largest combat ship he's ever seen!
      • For those who haven't seen the episode in question: Leiter is convinced he has the most powerful warship around, in spite of being captured. Then he sees Galactica which is so big his 'most powerful' ship can land in its hanger bay!
  • The final battle of the final episode, that is all.
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