'''First Season'''

* The first episode when the battle Drago and a Fear Ripper driven crazy by negative energy went all the way into Dan and Shuji's battle and their partnership began.
* Two for episode 2, first goes to Masquerade fro making the #1 spot in like a day, and second to Drago when his power level is so high it destroys the field.
* Dan beating Ryo in their rematch after he and Drago make up by [[BeatThemAtTheirOwnGame out-strategizing Ryo.]]
* Runo winning her battle in episode 5, because not only was it a great debut for Tigerra but she did it while still having two Bakugan in a Doom Card battle.
* Preyas's debut in episode 7 where he showed off his attribute changing powers.
* Julie beating Billy was in the Top 20 at the time after getting Gorem in episode 9.
* Episode 11 shows Shun and Skyress beating both Runo and Marucho and Tigerra and Preyas showing why they used to be #1.

'''Second Season'''
* Maxus Dragonoid vs Maxus Helios.
** [[MST3KMantra Once you get past]] the FridgeLogic and AssPull.
* Lync threatens Dr. Michael. How does Alice respond? She backhands him in the face.
* When Alice is being pursued by Shadow, she is rescued by Chan Lee. Not through a brawl; Chan Lee kicks him straight in the stomach.

'''Fourth Season'''
* This is pretty much a Crowning ''Season'' Of Awesome, as they fixed pretty much ''everything'' the fans were complaining about.
* The final battle with Mechtavius Destroyer. How do they finally stop this killing machine? Drago evolves again? Nope, not this time. [[spoiler:Dragonoid Destroyer calls upon every Bakugan on Earth with a human partner to lend him their power, causing him to enter a GoldenSuperMode with ''infinite attack power''. He then channels this [[CombinedEnergyAttack energy into a beam]] that ''vaporizes'' Mectavius Destroyer. To add to this, Genesis Dragonoid, the original Bakugan and Drago's ancestor, speaks through Dragonoid Destroyer to give Mechatvius Destroyer a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech. Not only was it awesome, ''the entire world'' defeated Mechtavius Destroyer, not just Dan and Drago.]]