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Awesome: Bag of Bones
  • When called to testify before Elmer Durgin regarding Mattie's fitness to retain custody of Kyra, Mike is slammed by a barrage of questions which make it very clear that Durgin is not a disinterested third party. In an attempt to impugn Mike's credibility, he brings out a cassette tape which contains a recording of a telephone conversation between Mike and Max Devore, in which Mike is telling obvious lies about a particular incident. Mike realizes that even though the tape is damaging, Durgin cannot actually play it without giving Mike's lawyer an open door to subpoena other tapes Devore might possess. Mike claims not to remember what he said, which sends Durgin into a near-rage and completely deflates him for the remainder of the hearing.
  • During the climax of the series when Sara Tiddwell tries to stop Mike from putting her to rest. Who should come to his rescue, but Johanna. What makes it even more awesome is that she is dead and still willing to protect her husband and Kyra.
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