Awesome / Bad Machinery

  • How Mildred and Lottie get Shauna's coat back.
  • Shauna moves from being a bit of a nerd to really rather cool in the course of "The Case of the Modern Men". First, having met up with a wannabe-brutalist heavy rock band due to a misunderstanding, she becomes their lead vocalist; then, she resolves the main threat of that storyline by taking control of the town's rock fandom while in disguise.
  • Claire Little, sneaking up on the French exchange student Camille; who for half of her visit, had been a total AlphaBitch, in the dark of the night while the latter was asleep and telling her to either learn to be more "pleathant" or else she will burn everything she loves. Claire finishes it off by taking her precious "Memory Foam Pillow" back right from under Camille's head and leaving the older girl stunned in fear.
  • Turns out that Mr. Beckworth was surprisingly creative and dedicated when it came to hiding from teachers when he was at school.
  • Archie dives into the river in order to rescue Linton.