* Koyuki's extra-long rendition of [[strike:Music/TheBeatles' "I've Got A Feeling"]] Dying Breed's "Fifty Cent Wisdom"[[note]]It's a common mistake among viewers, as the most prominent line in the song is indeed "I've got a feeling/in my head", but none of the other lyrics match the Beatles' song.[[/note]] (not related in any way to RealLife artist [[FiftyCent 50 Cent]]), in which the other band members join him one by one until Beck is completely reassembled, if only for their gig at Greatful Sound.
** In the Japanese original dub, he plays Music/TheBeatles' "I've Got a Feeling" instead.
** Then there's the part near the end of the manga where the band performs "Devil's Way."
** And the part in the final chapter of the manga where [[spoiler:a typhoon causes all the electrical equipment at Beck's concert in Greatful Sound 9 to short-circuit mid-song, but the crowd just keeps on singing the song by heart.]]
* Beck winning the Album of the Year Grammy Award for ''Morning Phase''.