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Awesome: Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Promise
  • Toph is awesome in this comic
    • She launches herself into the air with Earthbending and makes a perfect landing on Appa's back as he flies overhead. Keep in mind Appa was probably miles above her and she had no way of knowing where he was except for sound.
    • When the Earth Kingdom rioters outside of Yu Dao throw a rock at Sokka as he tries to calm everyone down, Toph then shuts everyone up by announcing herself as the greatest earthbender in the world and threatens to smash the next person who speaks up with a boulder.
    • She uses Earthbending in mid air a long way above the ground to precisely let her and Sokka slide down. She determined the altitude using her sense of smell to identify the location of the trees near her dojo.
    • She makes a monstrous looking Meta Mecha by remodeling Fire Nation armor and powered by Metalbending despite the fact that she can't see. Special credit to Sokka for somehow communicating the design through to the blind girl. Seriously, this girl is the greatest earthbender of all time.
  • Katara is also awesome
  • Protesters attack Sokka for being a "Water Tribe Savage" and then make fun of him for only having a boomerang. He shuts them up quickly with a simple flick of his signature weapon.
  • Toph's students figuring out how to Metalbend literally overnight with nothing more than self confidence and then going Badass by shooting the daylights out of the rival Firebender students, and their teacher.
  • The final page of volume 3 and the entire story: AZULA'S BACK.
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