Awesome / Auto-Tune the News

  • The ending of #8 where they mash up "very thin ice" and every single joke made in the video - and it works perfectly.
  • Turtle Fence is all-around amazing, but the music that Scott Brown's lines are put to is fantastic, and it makes this particular line sound like the most heroic Badass Boast of all time:
    Scott Brown: I know who I am! I'm Scott Brown! And I drive a truck!
  • "He's still a contender..." The harmony's already perfect, but the version in #13 is particularly well done. Furthermore, each individual "how to" portion of the instructional video is in perfect time with every other portion.
  • The five-word acceptance speech they gave at the 14th Annual Webby Awards.
    • Even better, they did it in four words.
  • John Boehner's "Hell No" solo in Auto-Tune The News Episode 6