Awesome / Australian Politics

  • Tony Abbott motions for Julia Gillard to have Peter Slipper resign over misogynist conduct. Gillard not only opposes it, but then lays into Abbott for a good 15 minutes, outlining instances where he conducted himself in a similar manner.
  • Kevin Rudd destroying Julia Gillard's political career three years after she stabbed him in the back.
  • Malcom Turnbull also returning the favour to Tony Abbott in a decisive, swift contest, destroying his political career and taking the office of Prime Minister after Abbott only held power for literally a few days less than a mere two years (meaning he was on the top job for less time than Rudd or Gillard by more than a year), after the latter took the leadership of the Coalition from Turnbull.
    • Even better is the fact that, with regards to retirement pensions for ministers and members of parliament, to be eligible for a full Prime Minister's pension one must hold the position for two exact years, meaning that Abbott won't be able to receive a full prime ministerial pension once he retires, assuming he doesn't make a return to power in future.