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Awesome: Atlas Shrugged
  • The entire first train run on the John Galt Line.
  • When the villains are torturing John Galt, the machine they're using breaks down and he calmly tells them how to fix it.
  • Rearden's decision not to enter a plea and simply state that he doesn't recognize the court's authority to try him, followed by a harsh punishment... which is suspended entirely.
  • James Taggart's You-didn't-build-that Speech is the most awesome thing Ayn Rand ever wrote... because it proves she was either psychic or had deductive skills to rival Sherlock Holmes.
  • Hank Rearden's response to his fellow businessmen who are actually upset about his Crowning Moment Of Awesome during his trial:
    Hank: I am sorry, gentlemen, that I will be obliged to save your goddamn necks along with mine.
  • Dagny's speech on the radio where she proudly declares herself Hank Rearden's mistress and snatches what the looters thought would be a great advantage right of out their grasp.
  • Hank Rearden signing the Gift Certificate to protect Dagny.
  • Francisco, despite the necessity of maintaining his cover as a useless loafer, is unable to stop himself from bolting into action to save Rearden's furnace when there's an accident at the mills.
  • Wyatt's Torch.
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