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Awesome: Atlantis
  • Jason's Bad Ass Boast to the High Priestess of Dionysus:
    Jason:You should fear me as [the Satyrs] do! I am Jason, slayer of the minotaur. ... I will slay you as I did the Earth Bull. I will tear down your temple and I will scatter your followers to the four winds!
  • Hercules gets one for escaping and outwitting the guards of Atlantis, in "Twist of Fate" first he manages to break down the door and run through it, then he hides behind it before waiting the guards to run through, before emerging and casually walking off the way he had come, remarking "I've still got it."
  • Jason duelling Therus in "White Lies" he may have lost, buts still awesome to watch, and its clear he's come along way, compared to his last sword fight.
  • Hercules wrestling a much larger opponent in "Song of the Sirens" sure he lost but it was close.
  • Jason and Heptarian's fight in "The Rules of Engagement".
  • Hercules gets one for forcing himself up and to walk back into the danger after breaking his back, to lure Pythagoras away from the Furies.
  • "Pandora's Box" has several:
    • Jason deflecting an arrow in mid flight with his sword.
    • Jason and Hercules traveling into the underworld to save Medusa.
    • The final fight, sure Jason does most of the work, but they all manage to play a part for once.
  • Hercules gets one in "The Price of Hope" wrestling two Scythians at once to the ground and repeatedly smashing them down so Pythagoras can escape.
    • Pythagoras also gets one for being willing to take the Scythians on, when hopelessly out matched and outnumbered all to protect Jason who had been badly wounded in a previous fight.
  • Jason and the guys (aided by the King's bodyguard, Ramos) rescuing Ariadne from execution in "Touched by the Gods Part 2", particularly Ramos' Heroic Sacrifice covering their escape, he manages to kill several guards despite being badly wounded before he is ultimately killed by Heptarian.
    • Ramos is later avenged by Jason in his final showdown with Heptarian.
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