Awesome / Astrid Lindgren

  • Emil dragging Alfred through a howling blizzard to the doctor's house to save his life. Even the villagers who have previously disapproved of him for all his pranks hail him as a hero after this instance.
    • In fact, this scene is considered the second Greatest description of a Snow Storm in Swedish Literature (and Sweden [[thegrimnorth being Sweden]] there is quite a lot of these. The Number one spot? The Scene where Karl Oskar fight to save his infant son from exposure in Utvandrarna (the Emigrants) by Vilhelm Moberg, acclaimed and often voted the Greatest Swedish novel in Modern History. Number one Greatest Novel from Top Ten serious Author. Number Two? Childrens book. And INFINITLY more have read Emil.
  • Astrid Lindgren was very involved in politics; after being forced to pay 102% of her income in taxes she debated the minister for finance, accused him of gaming the system (which he had designed), dared him to switch jobs with her, and wrote a public letter describing herself as "formerly a social democrat, now only a democrat." The social democratic party of Sweden lost the election for the first time in 40 years after that (although it probably helped that Ingmar Bergman had felt forced to flee the country due the same taxation laws). In an attempt to mend the partys relationship with the countrys most beloved author, they gave her an animal protection law as a present on her 80th birthday. What other children's books author has caused a party to lose an election and received a law as a present?