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Awesome: Asobi ni Iku yo!
  • In Episode 2, Eris has been kidnapped by the DIA & they're preparing to experiment on her, both to learn from her corpse & to keep her quiet so their illegal relations with Dogsia won't be in jeaprody. However, throughout the whole ordeal, Eris retains her calm, cute, innocent composure, all while threatening him with the knowledge that she knows he works with a Dogsian, & that they won't get away with this. The Cavalry shows up in time, and she breaks herself out of the containment device she was in. By the time Kio arrives to save her, he's greeted with the sight of an innocent, cutesy Eris standing amid a destroyed room full of unconscious, beaten thugs. Beware the Nice Ones indeed...
    • Not to mention she and a small group of Assist-A-Roids take out a bunch of tanks non-violently by using special hammers that disassemble inorganic molecules in a single hit shortly there after.
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