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Awesome: Around the World with Willy Fog
  • In the book, Fogg gets one when he punches out Inspector Fix near the end of the story. In the show, he gets one in a different way, when a guilt-stricken Dix tells Fog to punch him and Fog refuses, saying he's wasted enough time as it is, and simply leaves.
  • Mr Fog's refusal to punch Dix leads directly to a combined Moment of Awesome and Funny Moment for Bully, because after Fog has left, Dix tells Bully to punch him instead. After the standard "are you sure you want this?" questions, Bully — who has been ordered around and yelled at by Dix throughout the series — punches him twice. Once for himself, and once (much harder) for Mr. Fog.
  • Mr. Fog showing his gentlemanly combat skills by beating 3 boars who were causing trouble in a restaurant he was in.
  • The group decides to save Princess Romy from suttee. Extra points of pure awesomeness for Rigodon's brave stunt.

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