Awesome: Armored Trooper VOTOMS

  • During the final fight between Chirico and a super-crazed Teitania. Teitania effortlessly destroys Chirico's Burglary Dog, thus causing him to eject out injured. Chirico, in a last ditch of effort, pulled out his trademark pistol and tried to shoot at it. But he suddenly collapse from his injuries and fires a bullet to the ground. Now for the awesome part. That bullet would then ricochet off from the ground and slips through a small gaping hole in Teitania's Order Buckler's armor, which then hits her auxiliary brain, which incapacitates her, rendering her unable to go on fighting. This has gotta go down as one of the luckiest shot in Votoms history.

  • The final duel between Chirico and Ypsilon in Sunsa.

  • In Pailsen Files, the invasion of planet Monad. Imagine spending over 4.5 billion dollars every second during the battle which involves sending over 120 million Gilgamesh soldiers to invade a planet turned fortress by the Balarant forces, which technically makes it an unwinnable war. But in the eyes of Wockam, this was all an attempt to further test on the Barcoff squad's survivability.
Rochina/Ruske : However, our ISS, which will attack the core, is only made up of 300. And in essence, only five.

  • from the Red Shoulder Document: Roots of Ambition OVA, the parade scene, just...the parade scene The combination of that march music along with Pailsen's priceless expression at seeing that Chirico's squad was there, was just great.

  • Fyana stealing a AT, following Chirico across the desert to keep him alive just long enough to demand a answer for what he was doing. If that wasn't enough, she told him that if it turned out he was following in the footsteps of Wiseman she wouldn't hesitate to shoot him no matter how much it would kill her to do so.
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