Awesome: Area 88

  • In the manga, when Shin saves a commercial plane (with Saki and Ryoko inside) by shooting off the explosives attatched to the plane.
  • In the manga, when Shin and Mickey escape from Farina's land carrier by mugging a guard, pulling off a ridiculous two-men-one-dress routine, and stealing two of Farina's aircraft. When they realize that Farina is controlling the aircraft via remote control, they fly belly-to-belly to knock off the remote control antennae.
  • In the manga, when Taeko shows up with the police at Ryoko's hotel room. Not only did Taeko prevent Kanzaki from following through on his scarpia ultimatum with Ryoko, but she has him arrested for tax evasion, all after Kanzaki unsuccessfully tries to have Taeko murdered. She even spits in his face!
  • In the manga, when Rocky blocks a Bedoin chife's sword with his hands, then talks the chief down.
    • Also, when Rocky drives a vehicle head-first into the anti-government forces that slaughtered an entire Bedoin camp.
  • In the penultimate issue of the manga, Mac shoots at Sela during aerial combat. Mickey flies his F-14 Tomcat between the two of them so that his aircraft the bullets intended for Sela, thereby saving her life.
  • In the final issue of the manga, Shin killing Kanzaki in an aerial duel. Kanzaki really had it coming.
  • In the manga, photojournalist Rocky goes out with a bang ramming a tank with a jeep. He survived, but lost an arm and an eye.
  • In the 2004 series, Shin takes down a MiG-17 by getting a missile launched from another MiG to lock onto it.
  • The rebel sniper was certainly awesome in shutting down Area 88 in the anime. Although if he had an anti-material rifle, he'd cause much more damage.
  • An enemy base has a massive pop-up barrier in place to prevent enemy airplanes from flying in below their Anti-Air defenses (which is, admittedly, awesome all by itself). Shin manages to fly through a gap in the barrier by folding his wings in-flight (in Real Life, the F8 Crusader really could fly with the wings folded, as only a small outer portion of the wings folded up for storage.)