Awesome: Arata Kangatari

  • At the end of the Kikutsune arc, Hinohara and co manage to stop a volcanic eruption and save thousands of lives. In the end, Hinohara solidifies himself as the people's desired emperor.
  • The first time Hinohara demonizes, he destroys pretty much an entire field in his rage, and if he isn't stopped, Tsukuyo will demonize completely and will never ever be able to be stopped. So what does Kotoha do? She grabs him, begins telling him that she knows he is a kind person and begging him to go back to his true self, and refuses to let go until his demonizing has stopped. And how did she get him to finally stop? By reminding Hinohara that Tsutsuga and Nagu are both inside Tsukuyo.
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