Awesome / Ar Tonelico 3
aka: Ar Tonelico Qoga Knell Of Ar Ciel

  • This line will make fans of the second game squee: "You are hopelessly boo." A phrase used excuslively by Coccona.
  • A little later in the scene, Soma awakened when Finnel went unconscious and proceeds to call out on Ayatane's lies, and warned him not to get cocky when he looked down on her as a lesser Will. Considering what Saki could do with EXEC_FLIP, she might have a point.
    Soma: You'd better stop acting cocky. I'm Ar Ciel herself. It'll be easy to turn you into a little bug.
  • Despite having just been slashed in the back and repeatedly kicked in the face, Aoto still manages to hang onto Sakia Lumei long enough to prevent her from leaving with Archian soldiers and for her to revert back to Saki.
  • Cocona gets two in a row within minutes of each other. First, single-handedly taking on and defeating Ayatane and then using her V-board to jump off the side of the Tower and catch Finnel to keep her from committing suicide.
  • The scene where Tilia sings the full version of EXEC_REBIRTHIA=PROTOCOL/. Even though it's not much more than a boot up sequence, it's also the scene that can be summarized as, "After taking so long to get here, we're finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel."

Alternative Title(s): Ar Tonelico Qoga Knell Of Ar Ciel