Awesome / Ape Escape

  • Capturing Specter in the first game is accompanied with a cool Triple Take.
  • In Ape Escape 2, Red Monkey's boss battle includes him casually beating up a dinosaur as one of his attacks.
  • The protagonists of all three main games should definitely qualify for one of these, if just for the sheer absurdity of their situation. Within the first few levels of 3, you will crash a Monkey Wedding, fight a Robot Dragon, fight a monkey with a chainsaw and battle another monkey using Humongous Mecha.
    • The cutscene before the fight against White Monkey's robot dragon in particular has a subtle bit of badassery from Yumi/Sayaka's end. Said dragon launchers a massive burst of flame to destroy the bridge behind your chosen character; if you're playing as Kei/Satoru, he visibly tenses up and gasps in surprise as he dodges the flames. Yumi simply leans to one side, letting the flames zip past her, after which she immediately orders White Monkey to step aside.
    • The battle with Doctor Tomoki has you pit your mecha against his.
  • Specter's plan in 3: chop the Earth in half. With a giant hand. You just don't see insanity like this any more.