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Awesome: anti-HEROES

  • "He is so going to pay for that."
  • Aldran's first confrontation with Eldhin.
  • Aldran uses Time Stop to get behind Eldhin after the latter has used Stormrage, a spell that lets him shoot lightning bolts from his eyes. While Eldhin is still wondering where Aldran went, said necromancer lightly taps him on the shoulder to get his attention, and then uses sunburst (just guess what that does) right in front of Eldhin's face. As Eldhin screams in agony over his eyes, Aldran's "I am so getting extra XP for that" doubles as a Crowning moment of Funny.
  • Aldran's inventive method for avoiding a particular Druid's annoyingly high Reflex saves combines his epic-level magic (for using that many Delayed Blast Fireballs) with a good dash of sheer genius.
  • Keriss dealing with a Con Man.

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