!!Animal Games
* The results of the 100-meter dash. [[spoiler:The tiger beetle leads the race until it is forced to stop at the last minute due to being blinded by its own speed, and the collared lizard wins by a nose]].
* [[spoiler:The rocket frog's gold-winning long jump, landing ''beyond'' the sand pit!]]
* [[spoiler:Even though it was disqualified because it missed the bar, there's the flea shooting high above the stadium and ''landing in the sea''.]]
* [[spoiler:High jump being won by a ''fruit fly larva'', of all things.]]
* [[spoiler:The sailfin water dragon (previously "hopelessly behind") turning the entire freestyle swimming match on its head and stealing the gold by running on the surface of the water.]]
* The bushbaby matching the world human record for high jump during a practice leap, even ''before'' being resized.
* [[spoiler:The rhinoceros beetle lifting ''54000kg''.]]

!!Animal Winter Olympics
* [[spoiler:The ski jump being won by a tiny squirrel. A ''flying'' squirrel, natch.]]
* [[spoiler:The reindeer getting gold in cross country ''and'' ice skating, beating out humans using skiing/skating equipment!]]
* Also a CrowningMomentOfFunny, [[spoiler:there's the polar bear winning the one point needed for the Mammals to become first in terms of total points won]].