Awesome / Animal Farm

  • The Battle of the Cowshed. Sure, things go sour after that, but the scene where the animals drive Farmer Jones back out is awesome.
  • The ending of the 1954 film, where Benjamin the donkey leads all of England's animals against Napoleon and his pigs. The look on Benjamin's face instantly spells "AWESOME".
  • The song "Napoleon, Mighty Leader" at the end of the 1999 film. Crowning Music of Awesome at its finest.
  • A meta-example is the story of how Orwell managed to get it smuggled into the USSR via Ukrainian internment camps and the people who risked their lives in printed and distributed it. Read it here.
  • The Purge. The dogs execute four pigs, some geese and hens, and then they try to take on Boxer, who nearly crushes the frightening dog under his hoof, making it beg for mercy. He only releases it when Napoleon orders him to, while the other dogs cower in fear. BURN.
  • The Battle of the Windmill. All battles are awesome, but some are more awesome than others.
  • Mollie may have been vain and frivolous, but we must give credit where credit is due. She bails on Animal Farm — apparently so she can enjoy sugar and ribbons and other luxuries again, but still, it's hard not to support her choice by the end of the story. No matter what her reasons were, she got the hell out.