Awesome / Anatolia Story

  • When Yuri saves Tito from being executed for trying to kill her.
  • When Yuri survives an assassination attempt orchestrated by Nakia, which involved the company of soldiers she and Zananza were riding with to Egypt turning and killing both of them. Zananza was killed and Yuri is left shot with an arrow and alone in the desert. She manages to survive and continue onward until she finds Ramses, who she continues to follow until he agrees to help her get back to Hattusa. She refuses, however, to let him take the arrow out of her back, even though he warns her that it will only cause more pain after the skin around it hardens... When she returns, Nakia immediately starts playing up her injuries to convince everyone that Yuri is confused and feverish and is wrong when she insists that it was a soldier from Hattusa that attacked her and not an Egyptian one (besides killing Yuri and Zananza, Nakia hoped to start a war against Egypt). At this point, Yuri says that she left the arrow in her body because she knew that there is a clear difference between Egyptian and Hattusian arrows, so they just need to pull it out to prove her story right. Sure enough, the plan works!
  • Ilbani's plan to capture Urhi. First, he anticipates that Urhi would try to steal and/or destroy the evidence being held that would prove Nakia guilty of treason. He counters this by leaving a perfect replica in a hidden alcove, while keeping the real evidence in a pouch on his person at all times. Next, he manages to gain an audience with the brainwashed Prince Juda and punches the Black Water out of him, even though striking a member of the royal family could easily get him sentenced to death. He then has Juda help lure Urhi into a bar, where all of the patrons were secretly soldiers that Ilbani stationed there. When Urhi enters, they surround and capture him. The whole thing is doubly impressive when you consider how the entire series, Urhi has constantly been able to sneak out of scrapes and avoid repercussions to his plots.
    • For that matter, Ilbani's plan to rescue Ramses from Nefertit's palace: start a freaking riot in an impoverished city, to force the king to demand Ramses be released.
  • Hadi stepping in and stopping Kail from raping Yuri. All of the maids are terrified to answer Yuri's screams for help, because Kail could have them punished for doing so. When Yuri shouts Hadi's name specifically though, Hadi works up the courage to go into their bedroom and plead with Kail to stop. It gets through to him and he lets Yuri go.
  • After being tormented for some time by Kail's prospective brides, Yuri finally reaches her boiling point when they leave (nonlethal) scorpions in her bed, on the very night Kail was going to sleep in her room with her. She storms into the room they're all in and screams at them all to pick on her if they want, but to NOT do anything that might hurt Kail. She then shakes the bedsheets at the one she knows played the trick, causing the now-dead scorpions to fly all over her. It's the first time the women have seen Yuri so angry, and it shocks them all into silence.
  • Let's not forget Ursula sacrificing her own life to save Yuri from being unfairly executed for the death of Kail's brother Arnuwanda, taking the blame for the murder and allowing herself to be hanged. She does so with neither hesitation nor regret, knowing that Yuri will be capable of pushing forward and making the Empire better.
  • A ton of stuff that Yuri does, but this early moment stands out. When finding out that their plan to delay Mattizawa outside of the city for several days isn't working and he's on his way back, Yuri must warn Kail about it. But he's at a party where women aren't allowed. Despite knowing that entry could very well mean death to her, she charges in and schmoozes around Kail to get him out, while whispering the real reason to him.