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Awesome: Anal Cunt
Given the aggressive nature of these Boston bad boys, they were bound to have a few of these:

  • At a concert in San Francisco, a woman got upset with Seth and tried to jump onstage and steal this mic from him. He punched her in the face with it.
  • Seth's first conversation with his girlfriend after getting out of a coma.
    "Hey, can you go to the liquor store?"
    "Seth, you were just in a coma!"
    "Quit being a cunt, and go to the fucking liquor store."
    • And then he did a show almost immediately after he woke up!
  • - "5643 Song EP". How they got all the songs in is by playing, on each side, one song followed by many incredibly short songs in rapid succession. At any given time, sixteen of them are playing at once.

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