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Awesome: American Horror Story: Coven
  • The Voodoo Witches summoning a horde of Undead in 1971, and using them to violently butcher a racist lynch mob who killed a young boy.
  • Zoe cleaving through the Voodoo Zombie horde with a chainsaw in "Burn, Witch, Burn!"
    • Fiona effortlessly framing Myrtle for both the blinding assault on her daughter, and the murder of Madison.
    • Delphine using a firepoker to kill a zombie. Not just any zombie, her own daughter.
  • The Academy girls of 1919 giving The Ax Man a very stabby sendoff.
    "You have no one to blame but yourself."
  • Zoe planting a dagger in Spalding's heart.
    • Queenie turning Delphine over to the Voodoo Witches.
  • After The Coven spends all of "The Sacred Taking" trying to convince Fiona to kill herself, she marches back downstairs, and makes it clear she isn't going anywhere.
  • Myrtle using a special poison to paralyze Quentin and Cecily, give both a brutal "The Reason You Suck" Speech, and scooping one eye each of their heads with a melon baller to return Cordelia's sight.
  • Queenie, after being shot in the gut, uses a combination of Last Breath Bullet and her Voodoo Doll powers to blow Hank's brains out.
  • Fiona and Marie using some good old fashioned cursing to drive the Delphi Corporation to financial ruin.
  • Nan demonstrating her new Mind Control powers. By making Luke's mom chug a bottle of bleach.
    • For that matter, the whole Seven Wonders musical number in the finale, showing each of the Surpeme candidates preparing to perform the titular trials, showing off their powers. It really gives a sense we've come at the end of a long road.
  • Fiona and Marie, with some assistance from the Ax Man, butchering the directors of the Delphi Corporation.
  • Misty beating the living shit out of Madison. That's right, she went up to the most dangerous, most tyranny-crazed of the whole group and gave her an epic beatdown without even using any powers but the strength of her bare hands. It's every bit as epic as it sounds.
    • And not 5 seconds later, the Ax Man comes at them. And gets sent flying by the whole Coven.
    • And after that, the Coven bands together for once and gives him his second Death of a Thousand Cuts.
    • Before that, the Axe-Man's (false) killing of Fiona.
  • Kyle doing the world a huge favor by offing Madison for good. And when she tries using Crocodile Tears to convince him that she loves him?
    Kyle: You're not that good of an actress.
    • Fiona winding up in Hell where she belongs.
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