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All-American Girl

  • In Chapter 13, Anna epically tears into Rarity after she persists in labelling them thieves. Then Matt joins in after Rarity reacts by throwing Anna across the room with her telekinesis, followed by Twilight after she brings Lyra into it.
  • In Chapter 16, DJ's no-less-epic calling out Rarity for her refusal to show Matt and Anna any respect or gratitude.
    DJ: I’ve never hated anyone or anything before in my life… until now. You tell me I have no respect for my name or heritage? You have never given any respect for my mother and father, who I completely and totally—! You might have given birth to me, but it was they who gave me life! I AM DAISY JO MARTINEZ, AND I AM THEIR DAUGHTER!

Be Human

  • In the Christmas special, the entire Hengst family turning on Mike's Aunt Debbie for her outspoken bigotry towards Hope and DJ, which led to the former getting severely burned.