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  • The Chestburster's first appearance. It's a testament to its nastiness that it caused moviegoers to charge out of the theater looking for someplace to vomit.
    • Tom Skerritt tells a story about a theater owner who mentioned to him that Alien really did a number on their bathrooms, due to afforementioned vomitting. The theater owner's solution? Cut the chestburster out of the film, and the bathrooms were fine.
  • Ripley blowing the fully-grown Alien out into space, and then incinerating it.
  • The Xenomorph itself epitomizes Creepy Awesome. Stone-cold super-killer? Check. Full to the brim with creepy designs and gruesome powers? Check. One of the most fascinating and iconic movie monsters ever? Check, check, check.
    • Even more awesome when you know the work that went into creating it. A full-body plaster cast was taken of slim, 6'10" Bolaji Badejo, who took t'ai chi and mime classes to master the slow, deadly, but graceful movements required for his performance as the creature. The massive headpiece had 900 moving parts and points of articulation, using a system of hinges and cables to control the extendable tongue with its own operational mouth, and incorporated part of a real human skull into the creature's "face". The result of all this work? The most iconic creature in sci-fi/horror history.