Awesome / Alice: Madness Returns

  • The battle against March Hare and Dormy's Humongous Mecha. Alice and the newly-befriended Hatter find themselves face-to-face against the steampunk mecha, and the Hatter is swiftly removed, putting Alice at the mercy of the mecha. The mecha's arm rises, ready to splat Alice... then a giant teapot falls on its head. The mecha is swiftly destroyed, and amidst the desctruction, the Hatter drops down and lands with an unflinching kneeling pose.
  • The part where Alice eats the "Eat Me" cake in the Queensland hedge maze, turning into a giant and crushing the previously untouchable Executioner who had been stalking her for the better half of the level, then going on to decimate the Queen's entire army while smashing through everything else along the way.
  • The ending. To summarize, Alice confronts the person responsible for the fire and the Infernal Train, Doctor Angus Bumby, who started the fire because he was raping Alice's sister. Bumby appears to be pulling a Karma Houdini because nobody would believe a former mental patient over a respected psychiatrist. Alice appears to give up in despair, then turns around and pushes Bumby right into the path of an oncoming train. So satisfying.
    • Before that, the symbolism behind Alice breaking out of the doll body he forced her into and taking on her Wonderland form.
    • This also happens jsut before she pushes him onto the tracks. Alice appears to change from her grey-toned London form into her bright Wonderland form - and the look on Bumby's face implies he sees this transformation happen.
  • Alice's Hysteria form. It's extremely satisfying when Alice is on the brink of death and suddenly becomes a temporarily invincible death-machine.