Awesome / Alice (2009)

  • Having been captured and tortured, about to be executed, Hatter manages to slip his bonds and kill the assassin who has been stalking them with a single punch.
  • Charlie lays siege to the Casino using nothing but a bunch of skeletons and a few giant crossbows. The skeletons are enough, but one old guy pulls three giant war machines several miles with nothing but a horse.
    • The Skeletal Army.
  • Hatter punches a jabberwock in the face! In context, a jabberwock is a ten foot tall dinosaur with purely decorative wings. It was really funny, too.
  • Towards the end, when Alice demands that the Queen hand over the ring. The Queen declares that they'll have to cut the ring off of her finger before she gives it up. Hatter calmly asks if anyone has a knife, Ten of Clubs hands him one, and Jack Chase (who is the Queen's own son ) asks that he be careful and not get the ring too bloody.