Awesome / Alex Jones

  • Alex was himself victim to one when he went on the Andrew Neill show in the UK, when he tried shouting people out of an interview, and Andrew Neill promptly told him to shut up and let the other panelist talk, saying "you're not going to dominate this"- and for a short while it actually worked. Video here. The other panelist, a journalist for the UK paper The Times, promptly used the theory of Occam's Razor to dissect the nonexistence of the New World Order and expose him as a fraud. Then, when Jones tried ranting again, Andrew denounced him as the worst person he'd ever interviewed, even dropping the politeness to promptly inform the BBC viewers that "we have an idiot on the show" and laugh in his face at the absurdity of his rant.
    • Then, after that, Jones was exposed for sure as a fraud when Neill tweeted that the anger had stopped the instant the cameras stopped recording.
  • During a live broadcast the Young Turks were hosting at the Republican National Convention, Alex crashed it. Hilarity ensued.