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Awesome: Akame ga Kiru!
  • Tatsumi, on his first mission, holds his own against an experienced Teigu user armed only with an ordinary sword.
  • In the middle of Dr. Stylish's attack on the Night Raid base, he's starting to take the upper hand with his poison when Najenda and two new members pull a Big Damn Heroes, swooping in on a flying manta ray. Susanoo, who is a Teigu and thus cannot be affected by the poison, makes short work of Stylish's pawns and, with Mine, holds off Stylish's One-Winged Angel mode long enough for Akame to land a killing blow.
  • Lubbock, normally the Butt Monkey, defeats two of the four Rakshasa Demons on his own; even Akame had a bit of trouble against the one she faced off against.
  • Mine's fight against Serieux, the second time around. She has not only Schere to avenge but also Chelsea, whose body was eaten by Koro, much to Serieux's glee. Even though most of her scenes with Chelsea were about Chelsea annoying her, Mine still remembers some fond times together, which she thinks about when cutting Serieux in half.
  • Wave finally snaps and falcon punches Shura following a day of seeing the horrors of Wild Hunt against innocent people, topping off with him threatening Kurome, as he's struggling against the anger.
    • Chapter 47 Wave getting up after Shura stops holding back and lands a powerful blow to deliver a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. If not for General Budou stopping him, Wave would have stomped Shura's crotch till his foot finally met the ground, but a brief small consolation afterward is that Shura, for the first time since his debut, is bitter.
  • Champ finally dies. It can be argued that he could never suffer enough for all the crap he pulled, but at least the readers won't have to suffer his presence again.
  • Chapter 51: Tatsumi admitting that he has a girlfriend to Esdeath's face. To be fair, she didn't let it bother her much after a while.
  • Chapter 52: Lubbock revealing the Trump Card of his Teigu and garroting Syura with it. And this is after under-going Cold-Blooded Torture where he lost a testicle.

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