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Awesome: Age of Empires III
  • The final mission of Blood. After the battle against the Spanish forces, Morgan discovers by way of Sahin that Alain was the head of the Ossus Circle all along. Then, Sahin hints Morgan that he must blow up the Fountain of Youth in order to put an end to the Ossus Circle's menace. Both of them, with the help of Lizzie and their forces, engage in a battle to accomplish their objective.

    The mission itself involves destroying the aforementioned objective, but the first thing the player must do is to take control of a huge cannon at the top of a risc. Using the cannon in itself is a moment of awesome, since every enemy ship and a lot of forces can be destroyed with a single hit from it, and it's at enough distance to take down the Fountain.
  • John Black's Heroic Sacrifice at the end of Ice. After destroying Warwick's fortress, he and Kanyenke discover that Warwick's forces were assisting the Russian army. This means that, with the english and french forces engaged in the Seven Years' War, the colonies are left without any protection, free for the Ossus Circle to take them. John then decides to blow up the mountain in order to put a stop to the Circle's menace. Meanwhile, Kanyenke is left with the task to close every other way to reach the colonies, making the Russians/the Ossus Circle forces to take just one path, the one where John is working. The aftermath of the mission involves John exploding the mountain in the presence of Warwick, taking the Ossus Circle forces, the Russian forces and Warwick with him.
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