Awesome / Acquisitions Incorporated
"I want you to know something before I die. I am awesome."
  • The first PAX game: Omin essentially one-shots Citrine through a combination of the attack damage itself, falling damage (knocked off a hovering platform), and acid damage (landed in an acid pit).
  • The musical accompaniment of the bards in the second PAX game in general was good, but the look of shock on Jerry and Mike's faces as the bards joined in on Wil's Oath of Enmity was awesome.
    • Scott Kurtz remarked of that game "We are spoiled for all future D&D games" referencing the Minstrels (Paul and Storm).
    • The Critical Hit song is quite excellent.
  • This is the only way to describe the climax of the 2013 PAX session. What's the final secret at the end of the dungeon? A magic-powered mecha that operates like something straight out of Pacific Rim, which Acquisitions Inc. is tasked with using to fight the goddamn tarrasque. The finale of that fight bears special mention: Omin, in control of one of the legs, hits the tarrasque with a Groin Attack and it keels over dead.
  • Viari's return via Gunship Rescue mid-season 8. The reactions of the players and the audience as his player sauntered in and just took his place at the table were priceless. "What-ho", indeed.
  • Morgan taking a shot at the dragon, missing, and promising "My next one will be amazing, though! Just you watch!" As she rolls again, the camera zooms dramatically at her dice... which lands on a natural 20. Cue the crowd going wild.
  • Everyone gets one in season 9 finale:
    • First, Viari performs a dizzying display of acrobatics to drop one of the illithids with the Apocalypse Dagger, Assassin's Creed-style.
    • Then, Jim manages to save Viari from under a falling beholder tank and kill a freaking live beholder by switching their positions and redirecting a whopping 240 points of damage to the monster. Granted, he could only do that thanks to all teleportation magic being jammed in Underdark, but he did make an extremely lucky roll.
    • Binwin critted once in every round of combat, and since every crit meant instant One-Hit Kill in that particular session, he essentially one-shotted three monsters in a row, including the freaking Guenhwyvar, Drizzt's 600-pound pet panther!
    • Finally, Omin, brought down to a handful of hit points by Drizzt's twin scimitars, manages to break the madness' hold on the drow exile with a simple Protection from Evil spell and wins the game.
  • The finale of season 10: Viari scores a crit with the Apocalypse Dagger. The enemy disintegrates. Viari's arm disintegrates. Waves of fire wash over the battlefield, knocking Jim down. Untold carnage takes place above them.
  • On the C-Team.
    Jerry: This is what I need most from you... Donaar Blitz'en.
    Ryan: My AC?
    Jerry: I need to know what it looks like when you roll for stealth.
    Ryan: Oh...
    Amy: Hahaha!
    Ryan: Not good.
    Amy: Oh no.
    Kate: You never know~ Donaar is very surprising.
    Ryan: Twenty!
    *Sound of air horn plays*