Awesome / Absolutely Fabulous

  • The finale from 2005, which has Saffron revealing that she is the true owner of the house and kicks her evil mother and Patsy out on their asses after Edina strikes Saffron's daughter. The look on Edina's face as she realizes that she's completely fucked due to her impulsive action is a great final moment for the series.
    • Not to mention Saffy physically throwing Patsy out of the house.
    • Edina deserves the award for World's Most Neglectful Parent, but when she learns that the professor trying to con her daughter out of her virginity is married with kids, Eddy doesn't even miss a beat before giving him one hell of a punch. This is the same Eddy who has begged Saffron to get laid in the past. Even Evil Has Standards.
  • Edina bonding with Saffron on the trip to Paris. Saffron gives in and tells her mother to do what she would normally do with Patsy. She's astonished that Saffy can speak French, who replies essentially, "Er, what did you think would happen when you sent me off to learn French?!" Edina even convinces Saffy to bare her breasts at the top of the Eiffel Tower (and through some hilarious circumstances appears bare-breasted in a top magazine. Edina approves.)