Awesome / Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Examples from the book include:

  • Lincoln and Speed luring vampire slavers to their doom; Speed lets them into the house one at a time, and Lincoln quickly dispatches each, with nary a sound (covered by slave gospel).
  • How about the ending? Henry turns Abe into a vampire, and it jumps to 100 years later, at the Lincoln memorial when Martin Luther King Jr. gives his I have a dream speech. It turns out both Henry and Abe where listening to the speech. Lincoln got to personally see the affects of all he did come to this point.

Examples from the movie include:

  • Pretty much any time Lincoln is beating vampire ass.
  • Bartz throwing a horse at Abe.
    • Also, Abe gets hit by the horse dead-on, but he makes a very nice recovery; in the ensuing tumble, the horse manages to roll back onto its feet and stand up, and Abe manages to cling on, resuming the chase now on horseback.
  • "Where's the silver?!" "Right HERE!" *WHAM* Cue dead Adam. The fact that Lincoln did this at the age of fifty is the icing on that particular cake.
  • Whenever Henry starts fighting, one of these moments isn't far behind.
    • Same for Lincoln, Speed and Will.
  • Mrs. Lincoln gets a rather fitting one when she kills Vadoma by shooting her in the head with her (Mary's) silver Tragic Keepsake (her son's - whom Vadoma had murdered - miniature silver sword).
    • She gets one (combined with Harriet Tubman and some freed slaves), when they transport the silver to the soldiers right under the vampires' noses.
  • Abe killing the pharmacist vampire by way of slashing his throat with a hidden knife that he dropped from his picket and caught with his mouth!
  • An axe that's also a gun?! Hell yes!