* There are actually several in Abra-Castrophe, but possibly the most crowning one is when Timmy [[spoiler: reveals the existence of his godparents, and then Crocker realizes that will set them free and leave him powerless]]. The look on Crocker's face was, well, a very crowning moment of shock.
-->"The truth will set you free!"
** Plus Timmy's parents [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown beating the snot out of him.]] Especially with Timmy's dad's bear hands; [[HoistByHisOwnPetard Shouldn't have given him those, Crocker...]]
** In addition, Timmy's actions afterwards shows that he knew how to take complete control of a disaster. His [[IndyPloy gambit]] to stop Crocker [[spoiler:by losing his fairies in order to save them from his evil teacher and de-power Crocker]] led to him gaining access ''finally'' to the Fairy-versery Muffin and making his rule-free wish: [[spoiler:to have Cosmo and Wanda back as his fairy godparents]].
* Cosmo near the end. He's freaking out about [[spoiler:Crocker taking over the world and (more importantly) taking Wanda as a magical power source]]. He knows he's not the brightest, so it looks like he temporarily abandons Timmy in his time of need. But when Cosmo returns, [[spoiler:he's ripped and proceeds to pound Crocker to a pulp for kidnapping his wife]]. A short time later, this awesome moment [[YankTheDogsChain is slightly dampened]] by [[spoiler:Cosmo ending up in the same magic scepter that Wanda is]], but he still deserves credit for a rather impressive attempt to save the day.
** The fact is that he did so by going home and watching a video called 30 Second Massive Pecs". Made even more obvious that they canceled out a blast Crocker made.
-->'''Crocker''': Whoa, those are some massive pecs.
* Actually, Timmy's whole fight against Crocker. He doesn't have the ability to wish his way out of the situation. Instead, he needs to rely on the variety of gifts from the beginning of the movie in order to counter Crocker's attacks. And he holds his own fairly well. It's one of those few times that shows just how clever Timmy is when plot necessitates it, using the various magical gifts he recieved celebrating his Fairyversary (a copy of Santa's bag, special Easter Bunny Easter Eggs, a Cupid's bow, a magical jetpack from Jorgen, shape-shifting Groucho glasses from the April Fool, a magic mirror from Juandissimo and magic floss from the Tooth Fairy) in the movie to CONSTANTLY counter Crocker's moves.
* At the very end, [[spoiler: Jorgen arrives and says that, rule-free wish or not, Timmy still revealed his faries and has to have them taken away. Upon being asked if he has any last words, Timmy replies "Think fast!" and throws the [[ChekhovsGun Forget-Me-Knob]] at him, making him forget that that's why he was there and allowing Cosmo and Wanda to trick him into reassigning them to Timmy.]]