Awesome / A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

  • Though it was for nothing, the fight between Neil, Donald Thompson and Freddy's skeleton was pretty awesome. Though he died, Donald delivered one of the most cool Badass Boast in movie history.
    Donald: It's really you. I killed you once before you son of a BITCH!!
  • As Narmy as Kristen's whining throughout the movie during the last bit when she is forced into the padded room and sedated, she tells off Doctor Sims.
  • The reveal of Joey's dream power.
  • Taryn cuts Freddy, and he actually seems to feel it, unlike most wounds he's suffered or inflicted upon himself throughout the franchise. Presumably she really, really believed she could kick his ass.
  • When Nancy is pulled into Kristen's dream and sees her being devoured by the Freddy worm, her immediate reaction is to grab a piece of glass and stab him in the eye.
    Freddy: You...!