Awesome / A Knight's Tale

  • When Adhemar and Jocelyn are watching Will joust for the first time, Adhemar's aide notes that, unlike most knights who will turn away their face instinctively protect their eyes from a direct hit or stray splinters, Ulrich does not take his eyes off his opponents during a tilt.
  • William choosing to joust against Thomas Colville, despite the fact he's just been found out to be Edward the Black Prince of Wales, Heir to the Throne of England.
  • The extended sequence of Adhemar reading through the tournament lists. Ulrich Von Lichtenstein has won every single one.
  • Prince Edward's Big Damn Heroes moment, culminating in Sir William's Awesome Moment Of Knighting.
  • After William is injured by Adhemar's cheating, and Roland, Kate, and Wat work furiously to keep him in the competition, Chaucer buys time by delivering his belated introduction. What follows is the Rousing Speech to end all rousing speeches, winning over the crowd, the nobles, and giving William the incentive to finally pound Adhemar into the dust. See it here (starting at 3:00).