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Attention Whore: Comic Books
  • Elixir from X-Men. He subconsciously used his powers to change his skin into a reflective golden color so he'd stand out more. Before he discovered he was a mutant, he joined an anti-mutant terrorist group because he thought it would make him more popular.
    • Also, the Mimic, from earlier in the X-Men. This is about 90% of his motivation for screwing around with the X-Men, showing off.
    • Emma Frost. She wears those Stripperific suits on purpose.
  • One of the reasons why The Riddler from Batman does what he does.
    • A lot of Batman villains fit this trope. Even The Joker is about half this, with the other half being Omnicidal Maniac.
    • In Batman: Digital Justice, this is Catwoman's explicit motivation, even before she becomes Catwoman.
  • Booster Gold often ruins covert hero operations by alerting his publicist to where he and the rest of the Justice league will be just so he can draw a crowd.
    • Later subverted when Booster gets recruited by Rip Hunter as a guardian of the time stream. By this point Booster has become a competent, serious hero, but he has to maintain his public image as a screw-up attention whore to avoid getting killed in the crib.
  • Fred Christ of Transmetropolitan will do absolutely anything to keep from being ignored. He continuously champions various social causes not out of belief, but because if he's their leader, it gets him media notice. Ultimately, however, he dies fighting for a cause he actually believes in, even though nobody can see it.
  • Dreamkeepers has Mace, Whip and Namah, especially in Prelude.
    • "Musical sensation" and political advisor Tinsel might very well be the mistres of this trope. One scene has her walking through a very large room, with several bickering politicians a little to the side of her path. She detours right into the center of the crowd, only to lament that she's "busy", and walks off. And considering her usual wardrobe choices, the latter word in this phrase is decidedly appropriate.

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