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Attention Whore: Animated Films
  • Darla from Cats Don't Dance.
  • Despicable Me:
    • Gru doesn’t want to be a villain. He wants to be the number one supervillain. Doctor Nefario assures him he is still number one when he talks to him. His minions are there only to give him the attention his mother denied him in his childhood.
    • Vector doesn't want to be a villain either. He wants to be the number one supervillain. His attempts to get attention are even more pathetic:
    Margo: Four boxes of Mini-Mints, two Toffee-Totes, two Caramel Clumpies, and... fifteen boxes of Coconutties.
    Vector: Exactly! I'd like to see somebody else order that many cookies! Not likely! Name one person who would order more cookies than me!
  • Turbo from Wreck-It Ralph was the best racer in the most popular racing game in the arcade. When a new racing game stole attention from him, he got extremely jealous and jumped into the new game to hijack it. Unfortunately, his antics got both the new game and his own game unplugged. This is used as a warning to other video game characters not to abandon their games.
    • After crashing that, he invaded a new racing game, Sugar Rush, and attempted to delete the game's main character, Vanellope Von Schweetz. When that failed, he just modified her into a glitch and locked away everyone's memories of her as he became King Candy, having the citizens shun Vanellope. And it stayed that way until Ralph accidentally crash-landed in the game.
  • Bobby from A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie takes every opportunity he can to draw attention to himself, even if doing so would be a fundamentally bad idea (such as shouting "a little smokeage!" and howling during the "Stand Out" stunt, at which they did not at all want to be caught.) His friends Max and PJ have both given him weird looks for some of his attempts—Max for his badly timed "Leaning Tower of Cheesa" pun, PJ for putting spoons and straws all over his body ostensibly to impress the Gammas, and both for his loudly declared guzzling of spray cheese straight from the can in the middle of the high school hallway. Bobby does tend to get attention, but it's usually not of the positive variety—people find him to be weird or annoying or a loser or a loudmouth, depending on their relationship to him and the situation.

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