Asshole Victim / Web Comics

  • In this Edmund Finney's Quest to Find the Meaning of Life strip, a cannibal uses this trope to identify with vegetarians.
  • Something*Positive has the completely evil Avagadro Pompey, who actually did die of natural causes. Kharisma was trying to kill him, but all her murder attempts failed. Naturally no one believes her and she's convicted of murder.
  • Head Trip runs on these instead of fuel. Including the only constructive criticism certain shows may deserve: "BLAM!". Or, a javelin.
  • Monster of the Week has a lot of this in episode Shapes, where a villagers are slaughtered one by one by a werewolf.
    Scully: You know, the werewolf was the only one who wasn't dick to us.
  • Drowtales has several examples, one being Miir'kin Vel'Vlozress, who by all counts was a pretty big jerk, even attempting to murder the protagonist in cold blood, but the way he goes out is still pretty gruesome. Then there's Rikshakar, who gets killed by a demon in a Curb-Stomp Battle, but this was just after he'd tried to rape a little girl and force her to shapeshift into a more mature form after kidnapping her.
    • There's also Nihi'liir Vel'Sharen, whose arm gets possessed and has to be amputated, but only because she got impatient with Faen, slapped her and quickly found out just how dangerous empaths can be. It then happens to her again and this time it proves to be fatal, as Ariel manages to sneak up on her when disguised and decapitates her from behind, which is a pretty dishonorable death but was exactly what she deserved since she grew up into even more of a sadistic bully and was in charge of a slave army created by the Conscription of commoners who otherwise wouldn't have gotten involved in the war at all.
  • In Kevin & Kell, many of the prey species (and occasionally, predators) that get themselves eaten are often established as jerks, and often die as a result of their transgressions. For example, one Jerry Springer parody character tries to get Kell to eat Kevin by bringing up his online affair, but when it turns out the "affair" was actually with Kell, and he persists in trying to provoke her, she eats him.
  • Many of the clientele in Suicide for Hire fall into this category, particularly Ty Montlet and the guy from the mall.
  • Dominic Deegan has Jerk Jock Brett Taggarty and Smug Snake Serk Brakkis who met a grisly gory death at the powerful magic of Celesto Morgan. And with good reason, too: Brett was a drunken misogynist, a bully, assaulted a nurse and the titular hero's younger brother, Gregory. Serk Brakkis, on the other hand, tried to force the people living in the devastated town of Barthis to sell their property to him to make a stadium for the deceased Taggarty, owns five dummy companies and the Slaughterball team Taggarty was in, the local newspaper for smear campaigns against Gregory and Donovan, as well as plotted the murders of several people including Dominic AND Celesto. And all while playing by Screw the Rules, I Have Money!.
  • In FreakAngels, Luke is caught raping a woman he's placed under Mind Control, a firefight breaks out, and he's finally shot and killed. Repeatedly. It doesn't stick.
  • In Spacetrawler the Eebs, the oppressed Slave Race that the protagonists are trying to free, used to be one of the most dangerous and violent species in the galaxy; the only reason they didn't actively terrorize other planets was because of their extreme laziness.
  • Mr. Gonyer, the insurance agent from the LJ sample chapter of Fishbones, who won't give coverage to a family man for his wife's breast cancer treatment because it's "too experimental."
  • This comic from A Softer World.
  • Schlock Mercenary has Colonel DeHaans, a Torture Technician who really loves his work, particularly the thought of brainwashing his victims into thinking that he's a nice old man. When he tries this on someone who can bypass the memory hack a few days later, it gets him assassinated and eaten.
  • By the time Lee Smith is finally caught by agents of the temple he robbed in The Dragon Doctors, he has already established himself to be a Manipulative Bastard who is perfectly willing to commit murder to cover his tracks.
  • Heart Core: The first humans that Ame kills when she reaches New Ayers. Let' count their dooming qualities, shall we? Trying to gleefuly rob a seemingly helpless woman in a dark corridor? Check. Attempts to rape her once they got her pinned to a wall? Check. Being heavily implied to have done this to other people on more than one occasion? Check. Funny how the "helpless woman" turned out to be Ame herself, having lured them all into a trap so that she could later tear out their hearts!