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Ascended Extra: Fan Fic
One of the rules of fanfiction is anyone can be the main character, even if they had three seconds of screentime in the source material.

  • Seinen Kakumei Utena has Tokiko and Mrs. Ohtori, Mamiya , Tatsuya, Keiko, Mr. Ohtori and Mr. Kaoru all getting big roles.
  • Slightly Altered has Samantha Kailum and Toby, who barely get any screen time in canon, promoted to ˇThree Amigos! status with Buwaro.
  • Fire Emblem Rekka No Ken: A Story Retold names the tactician character Michael and gives him a complete backstory and personality, even making him Lyn's Love Interest.
  • In the X-Men fanfic Mutatis Mutandis, the author mentions that initially Jean-Paul was supposed to be Rogue's snarky best friend and moral compass but realized he was described in a way that did not lend himself to such a role. Thus, Victor (Anole) became the blue oni to Anna's red.
  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality does this a fair bit; some characters with only background roles in the original series have much more fleshed out parts, most notably Blaise Zabini.
  • The Supetastic 6 were just in an animated special of the same name in The Naked Brothers Band, now they're recurring characters in Super Milestone Wars with Captain Music as the Supporting Leader. In it's sequel, they're are the main protagonists.
  • Luminosity diverges from the plot of the Twilight novels radically enough that this is almost a guarantee. One notable example would be Gianna, whom Twilight fans would know as that woman who was in the Volturi's waiting room and whom Luminosity fans would immediately recognize—her brother Ilario gets a role, she's Elspeth's mother, she's Maggie's mate...
  • Ever since Blaise Zabini shared a train compartment with Draco, he's shown up in countless fanfics as Draco's BFF. This is particularly noticeable when authors fail to get the few facts we do know about him, such as his dark skin or the fact that his mother has married seven times (with a very strong implication that she's a Black Widow).
  • In Dragon Age The Crown Of Thorns, Trian Aeducan does not die because of the Zero Approval Gambit that the Guile Hero / Magnificent Bastard protagonist pulled off. He grows into a very likable Wise Prince later on, although, true enough, he goes through a several months-long Break the Haughty process first.
  • In the Forever Knight continuation FK 4, Urs, a vampire character who appeared in four episodes of Season 3, becomes part of the main cast.
  • XSGCOM does this a lot. For example, central character Commander Russell Sharp was merely a throwaway mention in a X-COM manual.
  • This Death Note fanfic does this with Matt, who went from One-Scene Wonder of 16-panel and 30-second fame in canon to becoming one of the main characters. In fact, L needs him specifically to not only solve the Kira investigation, but also to resolve the tension between Near and Mello.
    • And then there's Lindanote , who also seems to be a central character. though as of late she's been Put on a Bus.
  • Winter War has a lot of these, ranging from Minor Major Characterss like Sasakibe, who goes from "the Lieutenant of First Division who never does anything" to a more fleshed-out character and a mainstay of La Résistance, to characters who had brief importance in canon and haven't been seen since (Shiba Kuukaku, Rikichi, Inoue Sora) and become pivotal again in the fic, to Omake characters like Shirogane and Ogidou getting personalities and plot importance, to literal Ascended Extras like Ito- who seems to be the nameless guy with the blond mohawk in the Eleventh Division ending of the anime.
  • Lily from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Silver Resistance. First she was submitted as a potential character for the prequel, Emerald Chronicles. After that, she starts appearing in the main story, eventually joining the main characters on their quest.
  • Eri's Game makes Eri, Shiki's best friend, the main character and narrator of this fanfic.
  • The Deliver Us From Evil Series gives a veritable host of Ascended Extras from the Sherlock Holmes Canon. The first novel alone has Inspector Patterson, from one mention in "The Final Problem" to full supporting character status; Wiggins, from two brief scenes in the first two Sherlock Holmes novels to another supporting character; Inspector Lestrade, from recurring character to Deuteragonist (one of the leading points-of-view in the novel); Mary Watson and Mrs. Hudson, from recurring extras to supporting characters. Moriarty and Moran also get a lot of screen-time, and Culverton Smith has a bigger status as the villain for the first quarter of the novel.
    • The Road to Reichenbach is meant to be starring several Scotland Yarders from the Canon, and these characters should maintain their prominent status throughout the rest of the series.
    • To Take Up the Pen, the future third novel in the series, will up the ante further with Colonel Moriarty, a character who receives only one clear mention in the Canon, and Colonel Hayter, a One-Scene Wonder from one of the short stories. Also, Colonel Moran (yes, that's a lot of colonels, but they're all canonical) ascends to Big Bad status as he chases Holmes across Europe and Asia.
  • Game Theory has quite a few. Tiida Lanster, Quint Nakajima, Megane Alpine, Linith, and Nanoha's mother were all fairly minor characters in canon, but they've been given significantly expanded roles in this story. But the most prominent example is Vesta, who was just a nameless kitten in the original work. In Game Theory she becomes Nanoha's familiar.
    • Not to mention Alicia Testarossa in the sequel.
  • In No Hoper, a Death Note and The House of Night Crossover, Kayla becomes a proper character again. Also Yamamoto-Light's friend from school who appears in a few pages of the manga and doesn't appear in the anime-is one of the few other characters that makes a showing from Death Note canon. As for from The House of Night canon, Drew Partain - who'd only gotten a couple of mentions as Stevie Rae's maybe boyfriend in the books - and 'Amanda', who only ever had one mention in the first book.
  • My Little Mages: The Nightmares Return: Nightshade is, according to Word of God, based on the lead illusionary Shadowbolt created by Nightmare Moon in the second part of the show's pilot. Said character had less than half-a-dozen lines and was only around for less than two minutes in the show; here, she's a member of the Quirky Miniboss Squad.
  • The Legacy Of The Blood Ravens expands the roles of characters that are only mentioned or have few lines. Oddly enough, this is even the case for the Force Commander Aramus, who has no lines in the games themselves.
  • Equal And Opposite Attraction has Alyssa and Suzuka, originally Those Two Guys from Nanoha. Now they are taking magic lessons from Negi.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Forever gives us Gozaburo Kaiba, Seto and Mokuba's adopted father. In the original manga he was an extremely minor character who's revealed to be the reason Seto's such a colossal Jerk Ass, and who's briefly shown as having been Driven to Suicide following a hostile takeover of Kaiba Corporation by Seto. In the anime, his role was expanded upon somewhat in the filler Virtual World arc where he proved to be the Man Behind the Man for his biological son Noah, but even then he was still a relatively minor character compared to the heavier hitters in the non-filler episodes. In this fanfic, however, he gets a significant boost in importance: he's the Big Bad for the entire story, with chessmaster skills that incorporated even the possibility of his defeat in the aforementioned Virtual World arc into his plans, where in the story's timeline he reveals himself to have been Not Quite Dead after all, and newly Dangerously Genre Savvy to boot.
  • The Suite Life On Deck story "Life Unexpected" uses Reina, who appeared in exactly one episode as the antagonist, becomes Bailey's best friend and even given a developed backstory making her the child of a teen pregnancy. This was the main driving force behind their friendship as she sympathized was Bailey who was pregnant.
    • In general Suite Life fanfiction this is true of the character of Max, who appeared in only six episodes of the very long series. Partially due to being played Alyson Stoner, partially due to her Deadpan Snarker nature, and partially due to being more bearable than Girl of the Week Zack was with.
  • The Sherlock Holmes/Doctor Who crossover Children of Time features Sally Sparrow, the heroine of "Blink" in a prominent role. After the series' AU of "Blink", she marries Dr. Watson (her co-star in said AU) and becomes the Cool Big Sis to Beth Lestrade as well as the Team Mom to the Irregulars. And that's not even mentioning the baby...!
  • Rainbooms and Royalty: Ditzy Doo/Derpy Hooves ends up playing a major role in the story, and becomes a prominent secondary character in the sequels.
    • Zecora, while not an extra on the show, gets a much expanded role in the story.
  • Death Note Equestria has Straw Bolt — originally created for filler dialogue, he becomes a POV character.
  • In the Teen Titans Saga, General Immortus — who did practically nothing in canon — is made the Big Bad of the second story, The Art of War. The author has said that this is directly in response to the show wasting him.
  • Several Sonic characters that were hardly featured in the original game play important roles in Sonic Generations: Friendship Is Timeless , such as Big, Chaos, Tikal and Omega in chapter 10 and Marine in chapter 14.
  • The A Song of Ice and Fire Continuation Fic The North Remembers contains most of the familiar POV characters from previous books in the series, but adds in some new ones to give a viewpoint at certain places where no other existing POV could be at.
    • Val for The Wall after Jon Snow's death at the hands of his brothers.
    • Jeyne Westerling for Greywater Watch and eventually White Harbour.
    • Sandor Clegane for the Riverlands and King's Landing where he hopes to kill off his undead brother.
    • Ramsay Bolton for Winterfell after Theon Greyjoy escaped with Jeyne Poole.
    • Willas Tyrell for Highgarden.
  • A Growing Affection makes Yugao Uzuki a major supporting character. She has a romantic subplot, gets her own team, and gets a Back Story linking her to Anko and Iruka. Who also appear in a more pivotal role in this story.
  • In Mega Man Zero, Colbor originally existed to be rescued from Harpuia. In the Mega Man ZX fanfic Rise Of The Chosen, he is shown to be one of the Guardians' best commanders, second only to Prairie.
  • The My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic The Vinyl Scratch Tapes turns the spotlight on DJ-P0n3 and Octavia. In canon, these characters have had only brief cameos with no dialogue, and they haven't even met. In the fic, they become Vitriolic Best Buds...and eventually move in together.
  • The Fanmake Blooper Series has this twofold with Van Helsing. The first fold is that the role he had in a Sleeping Beauty Film Fic was a nameless guard, but decided to bump his significance up by shooting Queen Chrysalis (who was playing Maleficent) and the second fold because from there, he turned from a guy who did one action and only said one line to becoming the closest thing any of the main characters has to The Mentor as well as a recurring character for the rest of the series.
  • The Vampire Diaries fanfic Love Bites, So Do I does this was with Tina and Blair, two minor characters from one episode who had one line a piece. although recasted, they are made into the main character's older sisters while Tina dates Damon before having a baby with Matt and Blair is actually a werewolf. Later chapters use Valerie Fell, who has NO lines and appeared for all of 3 seconds at most.
  • In the Discworld Expanded Universe of author A.A. Pessimal, Ascended Extras who may be no more than throwaway names and non-speaking one-line spear-carriers in Canon become rounded-out central characters alongside the established cast. Some, like Howondalandian Assassin Johanna Smith-Rhodes have become stars in their own right; a recurring line in reviews by fans is that they can't see the join where Pratchett ends and Pessimal begins.
  • In Mega Man ZX Enforcers, Biometal Model O, a non-canon "bonus" Biometal in the first ZX game, is stated as having been stolen from the Guardians alongside Models F, L, H, and P (thus technically making Vent and Aile's acquisition of it canon by this story's standards), but had no Biomatch and was thrown out. Model O is now used by Taylor, a new main character. Model O actually speaks in this story, but is FAR calmer than the Reploid he's based on.
  • In Apollo Justice fanfic Dirty Sympathy, Plum Kitaki becomes a major character after she offers her resources to help Klavier and Apollo with their "Strangers on a Train"-Plot Murder after they save her son, Wocky.
  • The Medaka Box fanfic World As Myth takes this Up to Eleven; probably half of the canon cast (protagonists and villains alike) are shuffled out for characters who only had bit parts in the original manga. Surprisingly, everyone stays in character even so. Most of the time.
  • In Mega Man Recut, Doc the Metool, referred to in this story simply as Met, becomes a recurring character rather than a one-shot character like in the show. Additionally, many guest Robot Masters gain more screentime, and thus more personality, as do many cartoon-exclusive humans.
    • The cosmetics robot from "Electric Nightmare" is slated for future appearances.
  • In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, Doc the Metool, who only appeared in the first episode of the show, is here a more prominent character who bonds deeply with Roll. And then he dies.
    • Newswoman Bree Ricotta gets a lot more screentime, as do other cartoon-exclusive humans.
    • Oneshot crook Ms. Lapierre returns in episode 7, having stolen Knight Man.
    • In a non-show example, the Mad Grinder from Mega Man 7 appeared only in the game's intro, serving as a warmup boss. In the fanfic, the Mad Grinder is Project G-2, and is as tall as he was in the intro cutscene.
  • In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Reflecting Balace, Kala the Abra was introduced as a Pokémon working at the Rescue Team HQ, serving the purpose of teleporting rescue teams to far-away dungeons. While this was originally going to be her only role, the writer ended up expanding Kala's role in the story once another character needed someone who could teach them how to use their telepathy to communicate, and Kala happened to be the perfect character for the part.
    • There's also Hercules the Heracross, who had this happen to him before his debut chapter was even written, due to the writer having the idea of making him Blitz's mentor and confidant when she was working on the first few chapters, which ended up promoting him from minor character to major supporting character.
  • Young Justice Darkness Falls gives us several ascended characters.
    • the Kents both have a minor role in the fic.
    • Jason Todd comes Back from the Dead, and even has a central role in stopping the apocalypse.
    • Beast Boy gets his own character arc and a much larger part in the story overall.
    • Darkseid only appears in the last episode of the show, but in this fic, he takes over as Big Bad as his actions are much more important than anything the light is doing.
    • Wonder Girl wasn't exactly central to the show except as "general muscle". Here, her relationship with Robin is expanded on from the Last Minute Hook Up, and we get to see her in action more.
    • For that matter, the league features much more prominently overall. Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman get back in the spotlight, Zatanna gets some more things to do both alone and in connection to Dr. Fate, Martian Manhunter takes up a role of mentor, and even the green lanterns, perhaps the least seen of the heroes get screen time and action.
  • A New Chance Series: Latios and Latias, two legendary Pokemon who played a central role in the 5th movie, join Ash's team for the rest of Johto and then to Hoenn.
    • Bianca, the girl who played a minor role in the 5th Pokemon Movie as well as the girl whom Latias based her human form on becomes a recurring character in the first story in the series, and goes on to join Ash on his journey to Hoenn in the second story.
  • Bait and Switch borrows the names and faces of some of its Red Shirts and Mauve Shirts from Star Trek Online's list of randomly generated duty officers, the Red Shirt Army that run your lower decks and have even less characterization than your bridge officers generally do.
  • Code Geass Megiddo expands the roles of several minor characters in addition to the numerous Original Characters that flesh the story out. Of note are the Knights of the Round, particularly Dorothea Ernst, who at the most got thirty seconds of free time in the series proper. Here, she has a brother who doubles as the Knight of Two that is a very capable strategist, to the point that here, he is the only person besides Schneizel to beat Lelouch in chess (they only ever played one game, but still...). Dorothea is also the secret wife of the Knight of One, Bismark Waldstein, and the mother of his child, Roland. She also got along with Lelouch, who was Bismark's student during the eight years his memories were suppressed, and held him in such high esteem that she allowed him to hold their child; she's also aware that Lelouch is Zero, and like Bismarck, is conflicted knowing that they will eventually have to face him in battle.
  • In Danny Phantom, Tucker's wished for ghost half was considered as disposable as anything else Desiree conjured up, but in the Facing The Future Series, he becomes a villain in his own right.
    • Danielle as well, who makes a few more appearances and and ends up being adopted by the Fentons, joining Team Phantom.
  • In Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, every named character from Kamen Rider Fourze has appeared and each of them have been capable of kicking ass. They each have their own backgrounds and relationships, and multiple stories that explain the fights they get involved in.
  • In a Card Captor Sakura fan fiction Shadow of the Dragon, the four classmates (Chiharu, Rika, Naoko, and Takashi) of Sakura's school are promoted into major characters as the fan fiction explores their lifes as well as their own struggles.
  • In Weiss Reacts, team CRDL is given more characterisation than 'generic Jerk Jock bullies' and team CFVY are given quirks and personalities.
  • In the semi-genderbent Sword Art Online fanfiction story The Kirita Chronicles, there are numerous characters in this story that receive this treatment.
    • Argo - In canon, Argo is a female Beta Tester who only appears in one episode of the anime and a few side stories in the Light Novels. In this story, Argo is gender-bent into a male player, and he is a main character. He receives numerous scenes that goes into his information broker business.
    • Beta Testers - In canon, there are only a few Beta Testers that are named, but several of the original characters introduced in the story are Beta Testers and have played a role in the story.
    • Coper - He only appears in one chapter of the Light Novel in canon, but he appears in more than one chapter in this story. While he does die in the same fashion in this story, it has been confirmed that his death will provide a Small Role, Big Impact.
    • Griselda - In canon, she never has any lines, but she has appeared in several chapters in this story and has received a few lines, and her relationship with her husband Grimlock is given screentime unlike canon.
    • Kuradeel - In canon, he only appears in two episodes of the anime that take place during 2024, but he is introduced during the first month of the Death Game which is late 2022. His personality and relationships are expanded upon.
    • Sasha - She only appears in three episodes in canon, and her role is minimal at best. In Chapter Six, she is recruited by Argo to become his assistant.

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