Artifact Title: Web Original

  • In Sockbaby Part 3, Sockbaby's plot was wrapped up, and he left for heaven or another universe or something. He doesn't appear at all in Sockb4by, which just focuses on the further adventures of Ronnie and Burger.
  • Other than being her TGWTG handle, have you ever heard The Nostalgia Chick being called her username of "The Dudette"? Even the url on the website was changed to "Team NChick".
  • The title of The Joker Blogs originally referred to The Joker's treatment tapes at Arkham Asylum being put up on YouTube (something the Joker planned to occur) in a 'blog' format, occasionally featuring updates with tasks for the 'goons' (fans) to do. As of the end of the First Season (around the start of the "Find Patient 4479" arc words), this is no longer the case since the episodes afterwards are in less of a 'blog' format and focus more on the plot.
  • Barney Bunch was originally made when Barney hate was still at large, but soon coming to an end. Today, most Barney Bunch videos feature Drew Pickles as the main character instead.
  • The first Demotivational Posters were cynical parodies of motivational posters, bearing messages about your inevitable failure. Following Memetic Mutation the same style of image is now used essentially as a one-man caption contest, keeping the name but rarely trying to demotivate. Some of them even depict highly awesome scenes with an enthusiastic caption beneath, thus being anything but demotivational!
  • Master Chief Sucks at Ordering stops being about Master Chief sucking at ordering things after the third episode. However, the series (and its episode titles) continue to reference the fact that Master Chief sucks at doing things. The reason the show wasn't simply called "Master Chief Sucks" to avoid this problem was presumably because another series already used that name; said series would then be permanently renamed to Arby 'n' the Chief.
  • David Mitchell's Soapbox was originally a pun on the fact that it was sponsored by a brand of men's cosmetics. They withdrew their sponsorship at the start of the third series, but the title remained.
  • Although anyone can still upload documents, WikiLeaks stopped allowing people to edit them afterwards a long time ago, so it's no longer truly a wiki.
  • IT-HE Software. It was originally created to showcase the author's software and Game Mods. It's now known mostly for its anti-walkthroughs.
  • Some blogs on SB Nation, most notably the Toronto Maple Leafs' Pension Plan Puppets - it referenced how the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan owned most of the team's parent company, but they have since sold their share. One at least confesses the nostalgia outfront: the Washington Wizards one references the team's previous name, Bullets Forever.
  • The "ot" part of Let's Player Cicabeot1's channel name originally stood for "On Tour". As in Guitar Hero: On Tour. He doesn't even do Guitar Hero videos as often anymore, let alone the On Tour spinoff.
  • started out as an archive of old text files (mostly from the BBS era of the '80s and '90s), but now has lots of content that isn't a text file.
  • Before Facebook was the social networking phenomenon that we know today, a "facebook" (or "face book") was a popular colloquialism for a university's student directory, which gave college students an easy way to look up one another's contact info. Mark Zuckerberg originally created his website as an online version of such, annoyed that Harvard University was taking too long to comprehensively move their student directory online. By now, Facebook has been open to the entirety of the public (not just college students) for around a decade, and the addition of Notes, "Like" buttons and status updates has made it far more than a simple tool for sharing information.
  • Lonelygirl15 doesn't quite fit after Bree's death, seeing as "Lonelygirl" refers to her.
  • The characters of Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk leave the eponymous dungeon after the first season and never return to it ever again (though we still see a bit of it after that when the story focuses on Zangdar and Reivax, but they also leave it during season 2). Some of the character ever lampshades the fact that they did not even visit a single dungeon during some seasons.
  • 11 Points started off as a website where the author makes 11-item lists. After 6 and a half years of this, the first article of 2015 was "Can I Beat Super Mario Bros. With My Feet?", ending with the author explaining that he was losing his passion in list-based articles, so he's now writing articles about things that excite him. Of the 44 articles pubished in 2015 as of March 30, four of them are 11-item lists.
  • This Very Wiki, needless to say. Although it still does what it started out doing- that is, describing tropes found in television programming, it has expanded to include many other forms of media including ones those whose works cannot be shown on television and may not be adapted for television.