Artifact Title / Role Play

  • Back And Behind The Woods; The title was an injoke on the part of the DM, being a more extreme form of the phrase "back woods". In context, it referred to the Hillbilly Horror ogres the party fought at the start of the RP. Eventually, the party is sent to a major cosmopolitan city, and their quest promises to lead them to another, even more densely crowded city, with no signs of there being any forests at all in between.
  • Despite rarely popping up every now and then, most of the plot in Campus Life takes place in space now.
  • Pokémon: Rise of the Rockets is named for the initial starting point of the story's main conflict—namely, Team Rocket's rise to power within the Kanto regions—but as the story continues to grow and the war with Team Rocket becomes less of a focus, the title grows further and further from relevance.
  • Airlocked stops executing culprits via airlock after round one. Round four brings the airlock back, but that's because it's a prequel.