Arson Murder And Jaywalking: Radio

  • Im Sorry Ill Read That Again had this (paraphrased):
    David Hatch: Jorrocks had prepared an evening of hunting, shooting, maiming, killing, disembowelling and bridge.
    • Also, there's a sketch from the sixth season in which a man calls a solicitor's firm as he's being sued for libel. "I wrote a letter to the local paper in which I rather foolishly implied, in an indirect roundabout way, that a certain public figure was the leader of an international gang of jewel-thieves and that he went around committing murder and rape and pillage and arson and cut his toenails on the kitchen table and never used a handkerchief."
  • Subverted in The Space Gypsy Adventures when Gemma's criminal record is read off: stealing shuttles, handling stolen goods, bootlegging, counterfeiting, and shoplifting. The last one turns out to mean lifting a shop 450 feet off the ground.