Anyone Can Die: Fan Work

  • Given the very nature of fan fiction, it is safe to assume any character can die in any story.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender Revised firmly established itself as possessing Anyone Can Die from the beginning, with the passing of Sai's friend Xin Fu, Sakodi's friend Enri, and numerous Kyoshi warriors, among others, in the first book alone. By the end, Ain, Hakoda, Teo, Azul and Aizo are dead, and Zotu is Faking the Dead.
  • The author of Bad Future Crusaders, although promising she won't just kill characters left and right for the heck of it, has made a point of claiming that no character is safe since it makes for a far more interesting read. Seemingly to hammer this point home, this was said right after Twist who was built up as a major character, was killed very unceremoniously by Merrilay.
  • The Blood Bond, Blood Omen Series of fanfics for Kim Possible kills off familiar characters with reckless abandon. Among the casualties are Dr. Director, Monkey Fist, Gemini, Sensei, Frederick, Hirotaka and Adrena Lynn's face.
  • Crossover series Both Syllables has so far killed off three fairly major characters. Two of these were solely because the author is irritated by the amount of Disney Deaths in the source material.
  • Pretty much anyone, including the protagonists from Hetalia, can die in the Brutal Series. Justified in that it is a crossover with The Hunger Games.
  • In the Slender Man fic By the Fire's Light any character can die at any time And eventually pretty much everyone does.
  • The fanfic series A Dance of Shadow and Light by Ocadioan plays this trope to a T after the third story, where the author gives no thought to killing off characters(both minor and major) left and right, like the time when a sister-in-law and mother to a main character's niece dies off screen and for no apparent reason or purpose, as opposed to the first story where only a reluctant Dragon dies near the end, and the second story where only the male main character's established love interest was killed by his own hands, though that was more a case of I did what I had to do.
  • Dangerverse. Similar to the original series, though by the end of book 4 it nearly rivals the whole series. Quirrell, Lockhart, Siss, Andromeda, Cedric, Marcus, Umbridge, Frank Longbottom, Penelope Clearwater, a little girl not even in Hogwarts yet, Hagrid, and the last book isn't done yet.
  • Downfall takes a sharp turn from the original source, where deaths are unheard of; or at least, don't stick. Though several characters start out alive and kicking, when in canon they were dead and buried long before the series started, the second major engagement in Unohana's war sees Rukia dead.
  • In Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness, in the Battle of Hogwarts, the brutal deaths of Dennis, Michael, Cho, Parvati and too many others come as shocks. Continued with alarming enthusiasm in the sequels. Basically, anyone who did not get an explicit name check as being alive and well in Rowling's epilogue can be presumed to be dead by the time the trilogy has run its course. And even that is no guarantee, because "Epilogue? What Epilogue?"
  • In Enemy Of My Enemy, a fair number of major good-guy characters die throughout the story, to provide and maintain Emotional Torque. Of course, there are a choice few Disney Deaths; one guy has two.
  • In the pony fanfic Envy and Arrogance, this is expressed in three stages. First, most of the population of Equestria dies off-screen, including several minor characters. Then, the stakes are taken higher with a Tear Jerker death of Apple Bloom. More deaths follow. Finally, we learn that the original Elements of Harmony managed to save the world despite losing several members (either to death or mental breakdown) - that means even the mane six's Plot Armor can no longer be depended upon.
  • The discontinued flash series Final Fighting Fantasy has so far featured thirty-nine Final Fantasy heroes. Eight of them are still alive. Enough said.
  • In the Star Wars/Mass Effect crossover fic Fractured, ten characters (some Mauve Shirts, some major) end up dead. Then its sequel Origins comes along... 49 / 212 named (excluding those already dead from Fractured) bite it so far.
  • In Future Tense, it starts with three characters dying within the first few paragraphs and only goes downhill from there.
  • With the Gensokyo 20XX series being a series of primarily Dark fics and Death Fics, it comes with this trope and even immortals and children are no exception, seeing as Eirin, being one of the aforementioned, was Driven to Suicide and succeeded and the fact that the series has a rather high body count.
  • Happy Families Are All Alike features the Third Hokage dying in the very first chapter. Later, we find out that Jiraiya and Tsunade were killed off by Orochimaru, who has also successfully possessed Sasuke.
  • The Ace Attorney fic Law Plus Chaos has many characters killed off, most of them in VERY brutal ways, such as one person being cooked into pies.
  • Played with in Series Five of The Lion King Adventures. Tojo and Tama die in grisly ways, but – unlike some others who are brought back – their deaths remain permanent.
  • The Fanfic Pedestal. Human or Pokemon, Original or Canon Character. Anyone could be next.
  • It is confirmed by Word of God that anyone in Poké Wars can die.
    Cornova: Keep in mind that any of the characters in this fic can die. Even if they're main characters. I think I already proved that with Sabrina.
  • In the Armored Core + Muv-Luv Alternative cross over fic, Project Ignition, this holds true. Notably, For Answer Ensemble Darkhorse May Greenfield is brutally killed shortly after she appears, and that's only the second day of the FIRST chapter.
  • Most of Calanor's works, especially The Scorned Son which has killed off Kakashi (by Zabuza), Sarutobi (by heart attack), and Neji and Lee (by Gaara).
  • In Slightly Damned: Wind of Redemption and Rebirth, a main character is killed as early as chapter 8
  • Soul Chess thrives on this. The biggest examples include Aizen, yes, that Aizen, and Head Captain Yamamoto.
  • The Sun Soul, a Pokémon fic, fits this trope in every way possible. The author spares no pains in developing a character, making the audience identify with them, then ripping the character away in a brutal, often jarring, manner.
  • Thousand Shinji: For the end of the fic, the only canon characters left alive are Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Misato, Toji, Kensuke and Hikari. Everyone else is dead. The body count is even greater than it looks, since Asuka, Misato and Hikari got murdered and were brought back from the dead.
  • The Command & Conquer fan-novelization Tiberium Wars makes it a point to often, suddenly, and repeatedly kill off well-developed characters. Some characters get less than a scene to their names before they get slaughtered, and you've really got no idea if a character is going to survive until they bite it.
  • A fair number of the characters encountered by the narrator in Travels Through Azeroth And Outland end up getting killed.
  • Most of Hans Von Hozel's fics end on a melancholy note. For example: He kills all of the Ninja Turtles and Splinter in his story Ninja Turtles and in his Doctor Who fic, the Doctor gets eaten by raptors.
  • Since The Walking Dead: Real Monsters is, well, related to The Walking Dead, it's no surprise that by the end, nearly everyone is either dead or written out of the story. Except for Nate, of course.
  • The Redwall fanfic What Lies Beyond the Walls killed off the main "hero" before the first chapter was even halfway over. From that point on, dozens of minor and recurring characters have been slain—often without warning. Even named characters are treated like Red Shirts, and some of them are lucky to survive more than three chapters. The only characters who seem like they're safe from death are Urthquake and Kurwin the Flayer.
  • With Big Shells and Wings, for the most part, was a light-hearted action/comedy story that had most of the deaths Played for Laughs. Then came chapter 24, which changed the tone of the story entirely with the death of Yellow. The bodies slowly but steadily begin to pile up, until chaos ensues in the last chunk of the story, resulting in the deaths of several major characters.
  • Zombies, a videogame crossover where a Zombie Apocalypse is corrupting the world of video games. Anyone who gets bitten or infected will become a zombie, will gain superhuman strength, and a relentless urge to kill and devour the living. And the best place to do this is in the idyllic Mushroom Kingdom where even turtles can pose a significant threat. Almost anyone who might seem important is on the author's hitlist.