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Anvilicious: Webcomics
  • Shortpacked! consistently does this with feminism and other issues Willis is passionate about.
  • Sinfest has a tendancy to focus excessively on feminism.
  • Pastel Defender Heliotrope was rather unsubtle to readers with ideas of the oppression of women and sexual identities and evils of religion.To make sure ALL the bases were covered, JDR reveals in the ending that the entire thing was started because some robots wanted to ask permission to do we're-not-sure-what but no one was around to ask. Just to make sure that she's striking out against anti-piracy legislation in the most Anvilicious way possible.
  • Unicorn Jelly by the same author.
  • This Nodwick storyline. Yes, Mr. Williams, we all know Microsoft is doing all that. Stop rubbing it in and switch to ReactOS already!
  • El Goonish Shive has a particularly painful anvil dropped in an oddly familiar explanation of how religion works on the Uryuom homeworld.
  • Irregular Webcomic! decide to drop the anvil of Be Careful What You Wish For in this strip. Intentionally, with the link to this page.
  • Tim Buckley's self insert into this Ctrl+Alt+Del strip, where he rants at Jack Thompson. Also contains the irony that Tim is threatening Jack Thompson for saying that gamers are violent and that his video game obsessed main character performs acts of extreme violence on a regular basis.
  • Dominic Deegan drops numerous anvils of "intolerance is bad!" We know this because everyone who acts intolerantly is usually portrayed as irredeemably evil, not to mention the fact that something horrible will probably happen to them before the end of the arc.
  • The Comics I Don't Understand site has a special tag for anvilicious comics.
  • Made fun of in this Nip and Tuck comic. Nip, a B-movie writer/star, talks about why he does not do romance in his movies. He explains how bad Hollywood romance plots are. He mentions My Fair Lady and The Taming of the Shrew and how a girl with nothing wrong with her is run through a "Magic Makeover Machine" which is supposed to end up with the hero seeing her true inner beauty. The illustration that accompanies the talk shows a simple caricature of a woman getting smashed by a hydraulic press with the word "AESOP" written on it.
  • While Chris is usually pretty good about it, Misfile has a few strips that make it more than clear that Ash's character is supposed to be read as a trans boy, and that everything he goes through is supposed to drive home An Aesop about accepting trans people, except for the ones that are supposed to drive home An Aesop about accepting gay people.
  • Lampshaded/parodied here in Tally HO!. With an actual anvil no less.
  • Viciously mocked with the "Final Thoughts" in The Adventures of Dr. McNinja. Almost every single moral given is completely irrelevant to the story's content and gets comically derailed in some fashion.
  • The B-Movie Comic drops the anvil.
  • Sandra and Woo used to be pretty blunt with its anti-animal cruelty and pro-environmentalist messages. It also had one chapter that was fairly anvillicious about the very, very obscure and specific message of anti-people-who-think-diabetics-injecting-insulin-are-doing-drugs.
  • Subnormality is incredibly guilty of this. In almost every strip.
  • Bittersweet Candy Bowl, BEING GAY IS A-OKAY!
    • Possibly, David's finding Tess attractive in no uncertain terms.
  • "Rain" has at least one character giving an extended monologue about acceptance and issues up to twice in almost every chapter.

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