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Anime: Tono To Issho

It's the Sengoku Period, and there are heroes abound. A time of war, conspiracy, scheming, and love. There were many complicated issues in the Sengoku Period; this story is about the ups and downs in the lives of heroes who lived during these turbulent times.
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Tono to Issho (My Lord and Me) is a Jidai Geki gag series which started out as a Yonkoma and has since been made into two Twelve Episode Anime seasons, One Minute Theatre and Eyepatch's Ambition.

Each episode follows the exploits of a famous Feudal Japan personage — such as Date Masamune, Uesugi Kenshin, or Oda Nobunaga — as they go about their daily business, drawing inspiration from both historical facts and popular legends. However, it being a parody and all, flanderisation kicks in and transforms the main characters into a bunch of nutjobs, morons, psychopaths, crossdressers, and otaku, whose eccentric behaviour causes their long-suffering servants and relatives no end of stress.

The anime is available to watch here on Crunchyroll.

Provides examples of:

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